medical universities have started electronic learning paradigm form past 10 years and are working to develop it. ...

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The 9th electronic learning conference and medical education ...

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Conference Topic

The aims and Scope of the conference is as following:
 - Policy making and international education
 - Continuous professional development and  continuous medical education
 - Electronic assessment
 - E-Learning in social media
 - Medical education and the society
 - Patients education
 - Electronic learning and accessibility
 - Instructional design
 - Usability of Educational technology in electronic learning in medical education
 - Mobile health and smartphones
 - Telemedicine in a medical education
 - Mobile applications
 - Virtual reality and augmented reality
 - Simulation and professionalism

About Conference


About conference

The 9th electronic learning conference and medical education will be held in December 2018 in Mashhad,Iran to gather the stakeholders and scientist expert in medical education and electronic learning  to communicate,share knowledge and present experiences in edge of science.  All the stakeholders in international Society of scientists are invited to attend in Mashhad Iran. This conference is a noble opportunity to provide a scientific space for close contact between Iranian scholars expert in this field of knowledge and technology.  For more information about this conference please visit our website.